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Forte Welcomes our Newest Employee!

Forte’s Engineering Team recently gained its newest team member – we are pleased to welcome Tom Kelley! Mr. Kelley’s 40+ years of engineering experience and geotechnical background brings even more diversified expertise to Forte’s portfolio, further allowing us to serve you, our Clients!

Read more about Tom's experience and background below:

Thomas (Tom) Kelley, PE – Senior Engineer

Mr. Kelley has been involved with geotechnical and environmental investigations and design for mining projects, slurry cutoff walls, dam projects, foundations, and waste engineering projects. He has served as the Senior Technical Lead or Reviewer for numerous tailings storage facilities (new, operating, and inactive) and in this role has performed various Engineer of Record duties.

His specific mine-related engineering experience includes leading feasibility studies, site investigations, cost estimates, hydrologic and geotechnical analyses, design studies and preparation of construction plans and specifications for both operational mines and reclamation works in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

Mr. Kelley's dam engineering experience includes leading feasibility studies, site investigations including subsurface explorations and in-situ testing, and dam design and preparation of construction specifications for both water storage and tailing dams.

His slurry cutoff wall and jet grout stabilization experience includes design, providing on-site construction engineering services and post construction performance evaluations for diaphragm cutoff walls and grout stabilization of tailings dam foundations. His foundation engineering experience has included performing site investigations, foundation designs and designing remedial foundation measures.

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