Mining Engineering and Optimization

Mining services

Forte Dynamics is a consultancy firm that specializes in gold, silver and copper open pit and heap leach mining operations. Our services include advanced systems optimization, metallurgical analysis, recovery forecasting, mine systems modeling, risk assessment, mineral processing, leaching and recovery optimization, heap leach pad stacking, drafting services, on-site planning and construction, and a variety of other engineering disciplines. 

     Performance Solutions Include:

  • Integrated heap leach process design

  • Process optimization for existing heap leach facilities HLF) and expansions


  • Trade-off studies, scenario modeling, and sensitivity analysis

  • Financial modeling integrated with heap leach pad/process models

  • Thermal, chemical balance, and site-wide water balance modeling

  • Heap leach pad (HLP), process plant, and ancillary facilities design and CQA

  • Dynamic heap leach process models:


-Metal recovery and solution inventory over time

-Variable lift height, leaching rate, flow rate, ore consolidation/density, hydraulic conductivity

-Discretized heap leach pad—grade, tonnage, lithology, recovery, PSD, moisture content, Ksat, density by block

-First principle hydrodynamics and kinetics


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