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Resource/Reserve & Mine Planning

Statistical Analysis
  • Perform exploratory data analysis using sample data and geology

  • Geostatistical analysis to guide block model estimation

Resource Block Modeling
  • Generate block model estimates for designated grade variables and density

  • Classification of model blocks in accordance with industry guidelines

  • Tabulation of Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves

Block Modeling.png
Geometallurgical Modeling
  • Work closely with geologists and metallurgists to identify characteristics related to ore processing and recovery

  • Develop block models to define material types and metallurgical domains

  • Reconciliation of resource model with grade control data and production data

Resource Model Review
  • Review and validation of existing resource models

Pit Optimizer
  • A set of pit shells are produced with varying input parameters to design the ultimate pit

Cutoff and cutover grades are reviewed
  • Some models include many blocks near the calculated cutoff grade

  • Cutover grades must be analyzed against future ore delivery for each process stream

Cut-Off and Cut-Over.png
Fast Phase Designing
  • Forte Dynamics utilizes design and scheduling software to efficiently complete many iterations on a mine plan

  • Most plans do not reach their true potential due to the effort required to produce a full iteration

  • Different wall and ramp configuration can have big impacts on delivery

Mine planning.png
  • Road Utility

    • Efficiently layout haul roads for truck study analyses

    • Schedule by truck hours - not by tons

  • Fleet Analysis

    • Schedule required truck and shovel hours​

  • Stockpile, Leach Pad, and Dump Endpoints

    • Quickly review quantities for each time period​

  • Iterate Through Many Schedules​

    • Find the best schedule for your project of operating mine​

Mine Scheduling.png
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