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Metallurgical Research

and Testing Laboratory

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Metallurgical Research and Testing Laboratory

Forte Analytical is an advanced research and testing laboratory offering sophisticated procedures that combine rigorous data review, metallurgical testing and analysis, and process modeling for mineral process operations. Our innovative test procedures range from conceptual flowsheet development through final engineering and modeling. Generated data is easily taken straight into our engineering design capabilities. 

Forte Analytical research laboratory testing capabilities extend standard metallurgical flowsheet design testing with our more uniquely modified testing to identify optimal operational parameters such as crush size, leach cycles, or irrigation rates based on your operation’s identified geological composition. 

Advanced Open Pit and Heap Leach Testing 

The geological structure of each mine site varies from location to location. Our unique processes identify the specific ore characteristics driving the optimal crush size and flow characteristics for accelerated heap leach pad (HLP) production. Our testing can be used in each phase of a mine's life (from site design through closure) and is adapted to fit each customer's specific requirements. Forte Analytical, combined with Forte Dynamics' extensive HLP experience, provides the leverage needed to optimize mine-to-heap profitability.

Test Capabilities


Fire Assay
Elemental analysis
Carbon/Sulfur Speciation
Particle Size Distribution


Heap and mill amenability
Leach Diffusion analysis
Bioleach consulting


Compacted permeability
Abrasion and degradation
Agglomerate quality

Forte Analytical metallurgy test solution for metal extraction
Mining and metallurgical centerfuge testing instrument

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metallurgical research and testing 

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