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Drill & Blast

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Drill & Blast Services

Forte Dynamics has a skilled drill and blast group with over a decade of operational, scheduling, and technical design experience. Our members have held roles such as senior drill and blast engineer at multiple large mining operations and companies for various commodities. 

What we provide:

  • Data collection and interpretation of blast performance including fragmentation, ore movement, cause of back break, compliance to design, energy distribution throughout the pattern, and more. 

  • Blasting fragmentation prediction and post blast measurements and blast design recommendations to improve fragmentation. 

  • Open pit pattern design and loading recommendations around historic known shafts, tunnels, stopes, unknown underground workings, and active working underground mines while maintaining vibration and air blast controls as well as blasted in limestones with large voids. 

  • Blast records recommendations to improve the understanding of compliance design vs actuals and measuring costs of blasts.

  • Operational and technical blast audits.

  • Proven experience with the reduction of drill and blast costs by measuring shovel and production performance and optimizing burden, spacing, explosive choice to determine the best cost reduction while maintaining production numbers.

  • Creation of long range drill and blast plans that accounts for rock types and drill performance giving estimate cost and production requirements.

  • Reactive ground testing program and design and operational practices to reduce possible reactivity incidents with explosives.

  • Recommendations on design crest blasting control measures with load and timing of patterns that are blasted above critical infrastructure and active mining areas. Blast performance monitoring and measurement in terms of amount spilled over and mining efficiency. 

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