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Mine Heap Leach Support



Modeling and Operational Support


Forte Dynamics utilizes various software platforms to create detailed three dimensional heap leach recovery models for our clients. These models track the details and key process indicator recorded on our client’s sites to provide detailed forecasts and provide estimates on recoverable inventory for the various processing facilities. 


A key component of these models is detailed metallurgical accounting for the heap leach pads. Forte Dynamics utilizes our experience and various software programs to capture where ore was loaded on the heap leach pad, when material was loaded, and the grade of the material placed on the heap leach pad (through time to feed into the model). This also allows us to quickly analyze what-if scenarios or other sensitives for our clients including changes in the mine plan, stacking plan, or preferential stacking scenarios for multiple heap leaching pads or process streams.


Forte Dynamics has developed these detailed heap leach recovery models for mining clients across the globe. These models have added value for our clients at all stages of the project, from preliminary design to operations. We assist clients with evaluating ways to bring heap leaching ounces forward and increase value for their assets. The ultimate goal for us and our clients is to bring the highest value to their mining projects by utilizing our expertise and dynamic modeling techniques.

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Operational Support

Forte Dynamics can provide operational support for start-up and existing heap leach operations. Our team has extensive experience with operating heap leach and processing facilities across the world. We assist our clients with evaluating various issues from metallurgical accounting, metallurgical balances, solution chemistry, process modeling, operational readiness, de-bottle necking, and on-site support. Our team has extensive experience with analyzing testing data and measured process indicators for assisting our clients with optimizing their heap leaching processes.

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Solution Wells and enhanced recovery 


Gravity solution wells offer a less expensive option that targets areas within the heap leach pad (HLP) that are known to have high remaining recoverable inventory. This design works well for sites where ore has good hydrodynamic characteristics but may have areas of the pad that were historically short cycled. This option can be completed as either vertical or angled wells and can work with current heap leaching operations without the need for specialized pumping or piping.

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In applications where Gravity Solution Wells may not result in the desired performance improvements, Forte Dynamics utilizes additional techniques to increase metal recoveries. These enhanced methodologies increase solution-to-rock contact without mobilization of fines and the attendant physical barriers to heap leach solution flow. Forte’s approaches can produce a larger area of influence and can be used to introduce solution at multiple depths from a single completed well. Increased overall leaching flow rate with lower fluid velocity can be achieved, reducing the risk of damage to the heap pad or loss in coverage.

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