A Multi-Faceted View

Forte Dynamics uses a multidisciplinary approach involving multiple engineering disciplines to create designs, models and recommendations that enhance your mining and heap leach facility decision-making process. We have the expertise and experience to assess problems through sound fundamentals in engineering and mineral/metal processing—and we couple that with a deep understanding of various mining system processes.

  • Independent Project Review

  • Mine engineering and project management

  • Problem solving and risk mitigation

  • Open pit bench design

  • Mine scheduling

  • Trade-off studies, scenario modeling, and sensitivity analysis 

  • Multiple scenario planning with economic impact evaluation

  • Cost analysis and for scheduling and design

  • Primary and alternative mine plan scenario analysis

  • Tailings design

  • Dynamic heap leach process models:

-Discretized heap leach pad design model:

-First principle hydrodynamics and kinetics

-Metals recovery and solution inventory over time

-Heap leach variable lift height, leach rate, flow rate

-Ore consolidation/density, crush size optimization, hydraulic conductivity

-Heap leach stacking by block: grade, tonnage, lithology, density, recovery, moisture content, Ksat

-Heap leach pad design by mine phase

  • Bioleaching analysis and optimization

  • Heap leach modeling and recovery optimization

  • Leaching  hydrodynamics and kinetics

  • Financial modeling and NPV analysis

  • Water management, water balancing

  • Thermal, chemical balance, and site-wide water balance modeling

  • Full-service metallurgical research and testing laboratory

  • Independent metallurgical testing and analysis

  • Resource forecasting, recovery predictions

  • Geotechnical analysis

  • Ore grading and leach performance models

  • Flowsheet design and mine planning

  • Feasibility studies and analysis

  • Process plant and ancillary facilities design and CQA

  • Solution well project engineering

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