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A Multi-Faceted View

Forte Dynamics uses a multidisciplinary approach involving multiple engineering disciplines to create designs, models and recommendations that enhance your mining and heap leach facility decision-making process. We have the expertise and experience to assess problems through sound fundamentals in engineering and mineral/metal processing—and we couple that with a deep understanding of various mining system processes.

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  • Independent Project Review

  • Mine engineering and project management

  • Problem solving and risk mitigation

  • Open pit bench design

  • Mine scheduling

  • Trade-off studies, scenario modeling, and sensitivity analysis 

  • Multiple scenario planning with economic impact evaluation

  • Cost analysis and for scheduling and design

  • Primary and alternative mine plan scenario analysis

  • Tailings design

  • Dynamic heap leach process models:

-Discretized heap leach pad design model:

-First principle hydrodynamics and kinetics

-Metals recovery and solution inventory over time

-Heap leach variable lift height, leach rate, flow rate

-Ore consolidation/density, crush size optimization, hydraulic conductivity

-Heap leach stacking by block: grade, tonnage, lithology, density, recovery, moisture content, Ksat

-Heap leach pad design by mine phase

  • Bioleaching analysis and optimization

  • Heap leach modeling and recovery optimization

  • Leaching hydrodynamics and kinetics

  • Financial modeling and NPV analysis

  • Water management, water balancing

  • Thermal, chemical balance, and site-wide water balance modeling

  • Full-service metallurgical research and testing laboratory

  • Independent metallurgical testing and analysis

  • Resource forecasting, recovery predictions

  • Geotechnical analysis

  • Ore grading and leach performance models

  • Flowsheet design and mine planning

  • Feasibility studies and analysis

  • Process plant and ancillary facilities design

  • Solution well project engineering

Construction Services - Quality and Value

​Quality control is a critical responsibility for Forte Dynamics. Management and technical functions operate under our Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QA/QC) policy and procedures manuals. Forte Dynamics employs a team of experienced personnel capable of providing construction supervision on a variety of projects. Open pit development, heap leach pad stacking, mine infrastructure, and environmental resources are just some of the engineering and construction services we provide.

Drafting & Design

The drafting team at Forte Dynamics prepares total drafting packages for both design and construction. The drafting team offers experienced drafters with a wide range of experience from land development, energy services to mining. We can provide your company our drafting services through our qualified project team, or as individual sub contractors. Forte Dynamics can provide designers to alleviate your workload and scheduling problems by preparation of a portion of a Client's total drafting package. Our team’s wide range of experience can help with understanding the critical elements of a Client's design and can help enhance the quality of the drafting package submitted to the end user. Our drafting team is capable of developing detailed stacking plans for heap leach operations, process design packages, and three-dimensional drawing packages.

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