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Process Design and Support

Operational Readiness and Commissioning

Operational readiness planning can ensure a safe, efficient, and effective transition from the project to operations. This can help ensure that the operations has the right people, tools, technology, processes, and procedures in place at the right time. Forte Dynamics can facilitate the development of the operational readiness plan, including the cross functional engagement, to ensure a smooth start-up.​

Proper commissioning planning is crucial to ensure that systems and subsystems are completed and turned over in the appropriate sequence. Forte Dynamics can assist in the transition from bulk construction to systems based completion and ensure early identification of subsystem priorities for the contractor(s). This includes development of turnover packages and providing field support during commissioning and start-up.

Operational Support and Optimization

Forte Dynamics employs an experienced team with extensive operational experience including precious and base metal operations:

  • Comminution

  • ADR

  • Merrill-Crowe

  • SZ/EW

  • Flotation

  • Pressure Oxidation

Our team can provide site based training based on the specific process facilities on site. Forte Dynamics provides process debottlenecking and optimization utilizing dynamic simulations and analyses to our clients. This includes trade-off evaluation for both greenfield and brownfield projects.

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