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Forte Dynamics Upcoming Presentations

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Coming up next week at SME MINExchange in Salt Lake City – Forte will be presenting on several interesting topics in Mining & Exploration, as well as Plant Design and Heap Leach Recovery Modeling. Read the abstracts below for an overview of these upcoming presentations:


Setting Up and Executing a Trial in Mining

Jon Heiner

Many trials fail or achieve bias objectives, and even successful trials can end with no approval to change. In my career, I have set up and managed dozens of trials. Some have been successful with no significant issues, while others have gone devastatingly wrong. Some keys to setting up a successful trial are proper planning, communication, clear key performance indicators, understanding of company culture and personality types.


The Use of Dynamic Heap Leach Recovery Modeling to Optimize Plant Design and Operation

Barry Carlson/Sean Guidi

Plant design and operations are key factors to a successful Heap Leach Project. Optimization of the Heap Leach Facility (HLF) and ancillary facilities can mitigate operational downtime and maximize Net Present Value (NPV) for the life of the project. Utilization of dynamic systems models that track key process indicators (KPIs) that relate to heap leach operations give us the opportunity to optimize plant design and operation for a HLF. These models utilize a full mine-to-heap approach to understand how variations in mine plans and HLF operations impact recovery and project NPV. These models incorporate best practices for optimization; evaluating changes of the mine plan, ore placement, changes in PSD, and changes in planned leaching operations. This discussion will focus on the use of dynamic heap leach modeling to improve plant designs by optimizing flow rates, sizing and optimizing the processing facilities, and improving the phasing of capital. Additionally, this will include discussion of optimization of operations for a HLF, including maximizing recovery, maximizing NPV, minimizing liability into closure, optimizing leaching, and reduction of inventory.


Drill and Blast Optimization Through an Unbiased Audit

Jon Heiner

In mining, drilling and blasting seem to be a simple process in an extensive cycle, but their effects are far-reaching. Drill and blast set the pace for digging productivity, truck fill factors, crushing, recovery, maintenance, and so much more. With one process that has such effects on the rest of the value stream, why do we pay so little attention to it? If you could improve this one process, it can enhance multiple downstream processes. Having an unbiased audit is the first step is to better understanding and improving the process.


If you will be attending the MINExchange conference, don’t forget to stop by and see the full presentations in-person! Here’s the schedule:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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