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Forte Dynamics - Drill & Blast Services

Jake Cefalo, Forte Dynamics, Denver, CO

Forte Dynamics’ skilled drill and blast group brings over two decades of operational and technical experience. Our members bring a multitude of services to your drill and blast needs for any project and operation.


  • Blast performance data collection and interpretation, including ore movement, back break, compliance to design, energy distribution, and more.

  • Blast design recommendations to improve fragmentation and blast movement.

  • Open pit pattern design and loading recommendations to achieve vibration limits for underground mines and sensitive infrastructure.

  • Blast records recommendations to improve and understand compliance design vs. actuals in measuring costs of blasts.

  • Operational and technical blast audits and training courses.

  • Reduce costs by measuring production performance and optimizing blast designs.

  • Create long-range drill and blast plans, accounting for rock types, drill performance, estimate cost, and production requirements.

  • Setup of reactive ground testing programs and determine operational practices to reduce possible reactivity incidents.

  • Design and implement crest blasts to protect critical infrastructure and active mining area below.

Please contact Jake Cefalo at for any questions.

Forte Dynamics is a mining and heap leaching consulting firm that brings diverse expertise and decades of experience to your project. We are professional engineers — with special expertise in mining, processing, metallurgy and hydrodynamics — who bring appropriate levels of analysis and pragmatism to every problem. Working as part of your team, we help you analyze the crucial trade offs — technical, financial, regulatory and environmental — that lead to innovative solutions, optimal decisions and improved mining project performance. Find out more at

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