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Brendan Fetter co-founded Forte Dynamics in July of 2017 and now serves as the Director of Operations, ensuring company-wide organization and the implementation of innovative solutions by providing management and guidance to both Forte Dynamics and Forte Analytical. In this role, Brendan supports the Managing Directors in the development of both performance and operational goals to achieve efficiency within each department and increase overall productivity across Forte’s various services.  

Brendan is an SME Registered Member and a Professional Civil and Mechanical Engineer with over nine years of experience in specialty modeling analyses, design and construction of mining processing facilities, water infrastructure, and 43-101 and JORC compliant studies and reporting.  

His work experience includes the application of various hydrologic and kinetic models, predominately related to metal recovery, solution management, and project economic evaluations. He has provided design and construction quality assurance for various processing facilities with specific emphasis on heap leach facilities and operational enhancements. Brendan has worked on projects across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Chile, Argentina, Uzbekistan, and Russia.  

Brendan Fetter


Brendan Fetter

Director of Operations

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