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Forte Dynamics has previously conducted study work in the following project areas:


Resource/Reserve and Mine Planning
o    Cutoff grade and cut-over grade analysis
o    Blasting fragmentation analysis
o    Gold price sensitivity analysis
o    Process facility location trade-off
o    Material handling trade-offs

opencontour heap leach stacking graphic.
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Understanding recovery and hydrodynamics with time

In Forte Dynamics’ experience with heap leach operations, a multi-disciplinary approach is needed. Resource modeling, mine planning, metallurgical testing, heap leaching, and process operations are required for successful results. At Forte Dynamics we utilize our mining experience and extensive technological expertise to assist clients with understanding recovery as a function of time based on ore characteristics from site and laboratory data. This data is used within heap leach models and plant process models to help clients analyze operations in detail and optimize mining and heap leaching the recovery processes. Forte Dynamics introduced Forte Analytical in 2020. Forte Analytical is a modern mining and heap leach metallurgical research and testing lab

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Ore Processing

o    Grade based process selection and analysis
o    Heap leach pad vs reusable pad trade-off
o    P80 optimization analysis
o    VCIC vs CIC trade-off
o    Plant design analysis
o    Solution and leaching management analysis

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Mining Engineering and Optimization


Systems Modeling & Optimization

Understanding the Crucial Interactions

In any mining project, the range of possible outcomes may seem infinite—and that’s why advanced mining and heap leach systems optimization is an area of emphasis at Forte Dynamics. Our experience in simulating dynamic systems—recovery, water balances, processing, or financial—enables a thorough analysis of expected behavior in complex systems. It also lets us quantify performance based on the uncertainties and sensitivities of key parameters. At Forte Dynamics we utilize various technologies to help our clients with heap leach operations, pumping systems, mine planning, and mineral processing.

We believe models are invaluable tools that allow us to investigate the details of system performance and identify the dominant factors that determine optimal metal recovery performance. We use modeling techniques for water balances, heap leach operations and optimization, financial analysis, process modeling, pumping and piping flow analyses, risk assessment, and probabilistic forecasting. At Forte Dynamics we develop these tools to help us and our clients gain a better understanding of complex mining systems.

Forte Dynamics is a Certified GoldSim Solution Provider, and a Certified GoldSim Training Provider.


A key component of these models is detailed metallurgical accounting for the heap leach pads. Forte Dynamics utilizes various software programs to capture where ore was loaded, when material was loaded, and the grade of the material placed through time to feed into the model. This also allows us to quickly analyze what-if scenarios or other sensitives for our clients including changes in the mine plan, heap leach stacking plan, or preferential stacking scenarios for multiple leaching pads or mining process streams.

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