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Mining Design, Planning, Scheduling and Leach Stacking Software Solutions

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Mine design and planning software 

Opencontour is a planning and scheduling software program designed to simplify open pit mine site processes. Its intuitive and powerful tools streamline designs for pit layout, road structures, process loops, dumping locations, and leach pad stacking.


Opencontour accounts for nearly every aspect of mine planning to optimize efficiencies across the entire site. In addition to optimizing layout, Opencontour helps measure the cost-benefit  changes have to existing processes. Knowing the impact of procedural changes allows plan managers to make informed decisions that improve workflows.

Why opencontour?

  • Bench design, scheduling & financial analysis

  • Build efficient mineplan iterations

  • Month-to-month subscriptions

  • Web based access

  • Multiple user connectivity

  • Instant updates

  • Continuous module development

  • Customized offerings

  • Focus on efficiently 

  • Cost-benefit assessments that help improve process efficiency

  • Advanced performance for fast design times & results

Opencontour Modules
  • Open Pit Design

  • Scheduler + Financials

  • Heap Leach Stacking

  • Schedule Optimizer (2nd Qtr. 2020)

Opencontour mine softwware 3D model - st

Forte Dynamics and Opencontour have teamed up to build tools and solutions that optimize open pit and heap leach mine operations. To find out more about Opencontour or request a free demo, contact us at +1 (801) 450.7532 or visit 

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