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Jon Heiner, PMP, MSc Explosive Engineer, is an experienced mining engineer with almost two decades of experience. Jon has worked in open pit coal and hard rock mines, holding several positions, including mine planning, mine design, special projects, and drill and blast.  


He has led projects that included explosive trials, crest blast spillage reduction, slide mitigation/remediation, infrastructure moves, and well protection. He was a vital member of Kennecott’s mine planning team, creating long-range plans after the Manefay slide at the Bingham Canyon mine. In his time with Forte Dynamics, Jon has worked as a senior engineer on projects throughout North and South America.  


His years of engineering experience and strong work ethic help him think outside the box and develop creative solutions. Jon has started a new role as Director of Mining, leading a team of talented engineers who can review a process and find places for optimization and improvements. Jon and his team have proven they can help companies translate their business goals into reality. 

Jon Heiner


Jon Heiner

Director of Mining

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