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Don Hulse is a Mining Engineer with over 38 years of experience in the mining industry, including technical and general management, permitting coordination, short- and long-term planning, economic pit limit analysis, pit phase and design, cost estimation and analysis, resource estimation, geostatistics, feasibility studies, and reserve audit.  

Don’s project experience includes involvement with gold, silver, base metals, and industrial metals in design, analysis, planning and operational control. He has been responsible for coordinating the efforts of a management team through permitting, construction, and initiation of mine operation. As a mine manager he led a team of employees and contractors through construction and pre-stripping market value of the undeveloped acreage in conjunction with use of the income approach for valuing the producing assets.


His project tasks have included site inspection and safety audits, statistical and geostatistical analysis and modeling, resource estimation and classification, mine design and mineral reserve classification, elaboration of operating plans and production scheduling, model reconciliation and optimization studies, budgeting, and cash flow analysis.  

Don Hulse


Don Hulse

Director of Mining Resources

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