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Jake is a senior mine planning and senior drill and blast engineer with over 15 years of experience at major mining operations in diverse commodities, and brings experience in operational improvements.  Jake has work closely with day to day operations to achieve production targets and completed special auxiliary projects with operations to ensure continual production at the mines.  This knowledge has allowed Jake to give valuable insight in project evaluations and identifying areas of improvement for project success.

Jake has a Bachelors in Mining Engineering and a MSc in Explosive Engineering.  He has been published in The Journal of Explosive Engineering and has presented technical papers on blasting at the International Society of Explosive Engineers annual conference numerous times.

Jake has experience and is skilled with managing explosives inhibitor levels for reactive ground, vibration and flyrock control blasting around buildings and critical infrastructure, and optimized timing with electronic detonators for the reduction of wall response in geotechnically sensitive areas to provide overall slope stability. Mine planning skills include phase designs for geotechnical hazards and long-range pit and phase designs. He is a strategic long range mine engineer with numerous pit evaluations using Lerch Grossman methods. 

Jake Cefalo

Jake Cefalo

Senior Mine Engineer

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